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Is your daughter wanting a Princess Tea party for her birthday? Combining our Fairytale Princess with the right place for your party decor needs can make party planning a breeze! We have the perfect place for all your Tea Party decor needs! A Better Party and Design, located in Lake Elsinore, is the perfect place to rent the necessary items you'll need to pull off the perfect Princess Tea Party!

Keep reading to find out how to pull off the Perfect Princess Tea Party. Office: 951-674-9332

Princess Tea Party rental temecula

Fairytale Princess Parties, used to offer all-inclusive, themed princess tea parties for many many years and in 2016 we had to discontinue the package due to the owner relocating. SO since we receive many calls still asking about the tea package and where the best place is to find tea decor we thought we would help everyone out and write about how to pull off the perfect princess tea party!

First off you'll need tables and chairs, and linens for all the tables. Many people think renting table linens are very expensive, but that's actually not the case. For instance a plastic princess table cover from party city runs about $8. A standard fabric linen for a 6 ft or 8 ft table will run about $10 and completely upgrades the feel of the party to a more elegant, expensive setting, which is what you want for a Royal Princess Tea Party of course. Depending on color scheme and table top decor, you can make the setting more bright and fun or more regal, the options are endless really. When we hosted Tea parties, we brought in 6 ft long tables which could hold up to 8 kids on a table. For adults, we would recommend only 6 around the table since obviously they are much larger and need more arm room. Also, would recommend round tables for adults instead of rectangle. You can do either for the kids, but we always did rectangle tables for our tea parties.

Having just one or two gorgeous done up tables, can completely transform your whole party room. And knowing where to get the items can save a lot of money on unnecessary purchases. That's where A Better Party and Design comes in. Below is a small price list of some standard options you would want for your tea party setup..

(tables, basic linens and chairs)



Tables- (1) 6' rectangle 6-8 people $7.95

Tables- (1) 8' rectangle 8-10 people $8.95

Tables- (1) 60" round 8-10 people $8.95

chair- (1) standard folding $1.00 add white chair cover and organza sash $3.45 (pictured in photos below)

chair- (1) padded folding $2.45 (this option does not require you to use a chair cover and sash, as the chair is very nice as is, you can always add a sash if you wish of course)

Linen- (1) 90" round lap length on a 60" round table $10.00

Linen- (1) 120" round floor length on a 60" round table $14.50

Linen- (1) 60" x 120" rectangle lap length on a 8' rectangle table $10.00 (base table linen pictured in below photos, runners and overlays are different prices)

Linen- (1) 8' drape rectangle floor length on a 8' rectangle table $18.00

In the photos below, you can see how linen makes a big decor statement! All the linen below can be rented from A Better Party and Design. Specialty table runners and specialty overlays would be more expensive, but you can give them a call or just stop in, to see all the linen options they have and get a full price list of everything!


Once you have chosen your linen scheme you will need the place settings, tea cups and tea pot and plates. Themed paper plates and themed paper napkins are just fine for the kids, especially young ones, but if you want real plates for the table and cloth napkins, you can rent those too. If you choose to rent plates, rent small salad plates for the tea table, since the kids will be eating finger foods and snacks, you wont need a large dinner plate.

Good tea food items for young children are small sandwiches, which can be cut into cute shapes with cookie cutters. Fresh fruit is always great, like grapes or strawberries, cubed melon and crackers or mini muffins are a good option too. All the food should be easy to eat for little ones, no silverware needed and easy cleanup if they happen to spill anything. This prevents any big messes or stains on the house floors. Also, filling the tea pots with apple juice or lemonade is a great option for kids, staying away from any dark colored juices like fruit punch or grape juice.

To personalize the place settings, you could always make name cards for each child, just using Microsoft Word to make them yourself OR always has some wonderful templates that you can purchase and download instantly, then add in the names of the party guests on your computer. You can find many PDF templates for under $10, some as little as a couple dollars, and they make each place setting very cute and more customized. You can also set out signs in pretty frames on the tables as centerpieces or welcome signs, all kinds of custom printables can be found on for instant download and can make the tables look so personalized, for a few dollars, a printer and using a frame you already have, you can make the party very customized even on a small budget.


Platinum rim tea cup - $0.45

Platinum rim saucer - $0.45

Platinum rim salad plate - $0.44

So now you have the place settings, tables, chairs and linens taken care of, what next?

Well you will need centerpieces for the tables. Guess what, you can even rent centerpieces from A Better Party and Design. Put a couple candelabras on the tables and then set your tea pots in the middle, along with a couple platters of food and you have a beautiful tea table! OR you can add some floral design. A Better Party and Design even offers fresh floral centerpieces starting price about $25 and up. You can also opt for fake flowers from your local craft store, which is a great option. All the floral in the photos above are fake flowers and combined with a candelabra, completes many of the centerpieces in the photos above. A long flower garland (fake floral) can be placed down the center of the table, wrapped around the platters, maybe a pretty pink boa in the center. Have fun with the centerpieces, use your good friend and you can find many DIY ideas or just rent it all to make party planning a little easier for you working parents that just may not have the extra time for DIY centerpieces.

Some photo examples of A Better Party and Designs event decor shown above.

Now you have all you need to put on the perfect tea party table setup! If you want more for your party room, you can always add a dessert table with coordinating linens and a pipe and drape fabric backdrop. A smaller table that holds the cake only, or coordinate a table that has the favors displayed with a photo of the birthday girl and some balloons!The photo below is a great example of backdrop and linen for a dessert table, in this case it was a Sundae ice cream bar/cake table.. (photo is from my own daughters party when she turned 1 yrs old)

Lastly, the most important thing to complete the Perfect Princess Tea Party celebration is the Princess of course!! Our princesses can attend the party and prepare your royal guests for their tea time by starting out with makeovers with some blush and eye shadow, some glitter hairspray or face painting and teaching the girls some princess etiquette activities. Then having a royal coronation for the birthday girl before tea time. Once the birthday girl has been officially crowned everyone can start the Royal Tea Party! Our Princess will sit the kids down and go over some fun tea etiquette, showing them where to place those napkins and table manners, how to hold the tea cup properly and more. She can help pour the kids tea and serve some of the food. Once everyone is settled in she can tell her story and do her singing performance while the kids enjoy sipping their tea and eating their snacks. After the tea time is over, she'll teach a princess dance lesson and wrap up with a game then singing happy birthday for cake time. Once she says her goodbyes you'll have the perfect table for eating cake and sipping more tea.

Now that sounds like the Perfect Princess Tea Party to us!

We would suggest booking our Royal Package to ensure the princess has enough time to fit the tea portion into the package. Since this is not typically in the Royal package, we would need to allot time for it, so a game or two would be substituted out to put in time for tea. If your having a princess tea party, give us a call, we would love to entertain for you!

A Little about A Better Party and Design, From the Owner:

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