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Summer Fairytale Playdate with Macaroni Kid Folsom-El Dorado Hills

Its hard to believe we are heading toward the end of July and Summer will soon be over. School begins in a few weeks. Eek! There has been an abundance of fun family activities to do this Summer and we decided a couple months back to partner with Macaroni Kid Folsom-El Dorado Hills and provide a free summer play date each month this Summer season. We have completed two of the three play dates and they have both been so much fun!

The first play date was in June with our Island Princess. She has been so popular this year. Have you seen her movie? Isn't it great! The play date was held at the coolest park in Folsom, some people know it as Castle park, aka Folsom Kids Play park. The event consisted of a fun craft. The kids all got to make their own Hearts of Te fiti! Once they were done, our Island Princess led a story time and sang her favorite song, "How far I'll go.". After story time, the kids were led into a Hula lesson. Our Island Princess showed them the meaning of her favorite hula dance moves and they all completed the lesson by doing a hula dance. It was a hot day, so we were so thankful Pink Lady Ice Cream Cart showed up to cool us off with some delicious treats! Have you seen her cart around town? Its super cute and her Ice cream selection is fantastic.

We just completed our second Summer play date and we had our Mermaid Princess attend. The kids got to make their own Jellyfish craft. We decided not to use paint for this play date, and used glitter and markers instead. The thought was it may be easier clean up and not as messy. Umm, yes I said glitter and yes, I said the thought was to not be as messy lol. Yeah it was a messy glitter fest. But luckily kids LOVE glitter, and it so do we haha. Pink Lady Ice Cream also stopped by for this event and the kids enjoyed their Ice Creams. Once craft time was done, we had a fun story time with our Mermaid Princess. After story, the kids were led over to play some Limbo and take photos with our Mermaid Princess. This time we decided to hold the play date at Promontory Park in El Dorado Hills, which has an amazing splash pad for the kids. We thought it would be suiting to hold an under the sea event where the kids had an opportunity for some water play once the event ended. Which I think was a great idea, most everyone stayed afterward and made their way to the splash pad.

Our third play date will be held in August, date TBD. We are thinking of doing a weekend morning, so working mamas can bring their kids to attend. Do you want to join our next play date? If so, all you need to do is be a Macaroni Kid Subscriber. What's this mean?....

When you subscribe to Macaroni Kids weekly newsletter you will be instantly accessing the best family activities around town. From Free events, to library story times, to city and county festivals, they keep busy parents up to date on all the fun happenings around town. One click on their calendar and everything is right in front of you. No need to google for hours, trying to find family events each week. Macaroni Kid does the work for you, and the BEST PART IS THAT ITS FREE TO SUBSCRIBE!

Click here to subscribe and view what Macaroni Kid is all about

We have had such a great time getting to know moms in our community face to face through these events and we hope to keep bringing them to you next Summer. Also we are thinking about doing one for school week long holidays. Like one on Christmas break and Spring Break. Thoughts? Would you want to attend those? Hope to see you at the next event! Have a great rest of Summer!!


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